23 April 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Have I ever told you that I hate shopping? Well, I do. Unless it's for other people. But lately, even that isn't fun.

Several of my close friends celebrate birthdays in April and October, so during those months, I'm a shopping fool. While I love shopping for my friends, every once in awhile (like today) I get stuck.

I know that I had an idea of what to get my friend E. for her birthday at one time. I could swear I even wrote it down somewhere. But B-Day is here and I'm giftless (and hoping she doesn't read this blog).

So here's my plan. Instead of giving birthday gifts, I'm going to give random gifts. When I find something I like for a friend I'd normally give a gift to, I'm just going to buy it and hand it over (wrapped, of course) - Happy Wednesday! Woo-hoo! Then, on birthdays and Christmas exchanges, I'll just give a card. In my head, this is a perfect plan. In real life, maybe not so much.

P.S. I know some of you are thinking, if you see a gift, why not just buy it and save it for the birthday or Christmas exchange? Believe me, I've tried. But I can't just sit around with a gift in my house. I have to give it away! I have to see the recipients' expressions now!

P.P.S. Anyone have any good ideas for a birthday present for a 31-year-old stay-at-home mom of two? I went the spa/pedicure route last year...


wrestling kitties said...

I agree, i don't like to shop and when you are not in the mood and don't have a plan trips seem more like torture rather than a nice time.

Does this friend live close to you? If yes, How about fixing a meal like lasagna or something that can be frozen and giving it to them. You can even put it in a new casserole pan for them to keep along with the recipe on a card. Maybe adding all the fix'ns for salad (salad in a bag) and frozen garlic bread and some wine and it is a meal ready to go for a busy mom!

If she doesn't live near you maybe an art/pottery class or something like that she may enjoy?

Kay said...

Gift certificate to a bookstore?

Gift certificate for her kids to attend some sort of art class or summer day camp, therefor giving her the gift of free time?

Two swanky goblets/glasses and a drink mix - I bought a cute set at Pier One last year.