02 April 2008

Birthday Recap

I know you've all been dying to hear how Devo's 2nd birthday went, so here's the recap:

The festivities started with an extra-long jog around the park with his Aunt M. and Uncle B. before being treated to a relaxing oatmeal bath, complete with blow dry. We also picked out several new treats and one fun toy for the birthday dog! He got to eat and play to his heart's content after 'blowing' the candle out on his birthday cookie.

(I'm officially one of those people.)


wrestling kitties said...

AW, sounds like a very great birthday!!!

It is ok, my one cat's birthday was last tuesday (2 years old as well) and I gave her some special treats and a new toy and then sang happy birthday while my husband looked on with a look of terror in his eyes!

I think she loved it b/c I loved it! :)

Kristen W. said...

I don't see what's so taboo or looked down upon about celebrating a pet's birthday. I think people cross a line when they treat their pet as an accessory rather than an animal. But otherwise, why shouldn't we give them presents and treats and extra love on that day? We probably get more enjoyment out of it than they do, haha!

B said...

I think that he liked his birthday and he might not of liked the bath at the time but I am sure he felt a bunch better after that. He ate so much junk food yesterday he probably has a belly ache today, but then again that probably felt good yesterday