13 April 2008

Are the Rewards Worth it?

When I got my Kroger Plus card about 10 years ago, I swore I'd never use it. I was just getting it to make the cashier stop asking me if I wanted to sign up for one. In fact, I didn't use it for a long time because I lost it. Then B. wanted one so we signed up on the same account (our first big step as a couple) and I was back in the Kroger Plus card carrying club.

Over the years, I've kept it - and used it. I still don't like the theory behind it, but saving money is good.

But just in the past few months, I've accumulated cards from Giant Eagle, Pet Co., PetSmart, Speedway and just last week - Sephora.

My Speedway Rewards card has been lost since the week I got it and I always hand the PetSmart people my Pet Co. card (and vice versa), so I'm wondering are all these cards worth it? Or just annoying?


TLC said...

the only "rewards" card i use on a regular basis is giant eagle...i always use it to get my 20 cents off per gallon per $50 spent. every week we have about 40 cents off per gallon of gas.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I totally think they're annoying.

I used to use the Kroger card constantly at the Kroger in P-burg to save $$$ on gas.

I think the only real "benefit" is that little personalized coupon book they send you every few months. You know the one... where it's all the same STUFF you buy, just a different brand you never buy. Totally useful, I always think.

D said...

I hear you...I have over 10 of those little key chain cards. Including Kroger, Sephora, Giant Eagle, and Auto Zone (?) I love them though. Especially the Speedway card, with which I have earned a free tank of gas (not a gallon, a tank)

wrestling kitties said...

I think some are nice, I mean we can get some really good savings on gas using the giant Eagle card.

However, I think Kroger should just mark things down and give the sale price to EVERYONE whether they have a card or not. It is a bit ridiculous.