04 April 2008

Add this CD to your Collection

My friend B. and I are skeptical of people who say they like all types of music, even though we both make that claim ourselves. Sure I go through my phases (country, classic rock, 80s), but I do have a very varied CD collection. I think I'm finally to the point where no matter what my mood, I'll have a CD that'll match it.

Right now I'm blasting Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine a little louder than I should (I know, Turtle Parade, I know). If you're not familiar with this CD, I recommend that you check it out. I've got Parting Gift on repeat right now.


cuts.happening said...

I agree with VIGOR ! I have loved Finona for awhile. This album went completly un listened to by many, and never played on the radio. It's a gem. Great choice. You go rock girl. Try "when the pawn hits.." which came out before machine...it is powerful and pretty

Dr. Turtle said...

Hey, I enjoy some loud music every once in a while (my last concert was Rob Zombie and Ozzy...), it's hard not to!

And if I can't get my husband to turn it down in his car *just a little* I can't really expect the rest of the world to comply either!