18 March 2008

Your Vote Counts!

Please vote for Devo in Bissell's Most Valuable Pet photo contest! If he wins, he'll get his picture on a Bissell vacuum cleaner box and Bissell will donate $10,000 to the pet cause of our choice - the Toledo Area Humane Society.

Please vote here.


Iris Took said...


wrestling kitties said...

Voted as well!!!


wrestling kitties said...

Actually, I voted with every email address I have! That would be 3!!

TLC said...

voted! :)

A. said...

B. received this e-mail from a fraternity brother. I had to share:

Ok, after long and careful consideration, I have decided to endorse your dog. I offer him my support and will cast my vote for him......

Billy's dog is my kind of dog; he will go to bat for you. When other dogs were humping lobbyists' legs Billy's dog was working hard to lower taxes on Milkbones and fighting against kennel abuse. He took on Bob Barker and his evil campaign for neutering ... when it comes time to cast your vote, remember Billy's dog is truly man's best friend!!!

This message paid for by DUs for Billy's dog 08.


M said...

Ha! Great email.

I cast my vote during the whole Office Coercion Campaign.

Go Devo!

A. said...

Office Coercion?!


Kristen W. said...


I was actually disappointed that you could only vote once per e-mail. I was getting ready to do some major point-and-click.