13 March 2008

I'm One of 'Those' People

I never thought I'd be the kind of person who framed photos of her dog or took her dog to the post office and bank or talked to her dog. But I am.

That said, I entered Devo into Bissell's Most Valuable Pet Photo Contest. If he wins, his picture will be put on the Pet Hair Eraser vacuum and package and Bissell will donate $10,000 to a pet cause of our choosing. Voting starts March 18. Don't worry; I'll post instructions.


M said...

What a precious picture!

I'll totally vote for Devo - but only because I'm not entering Nora. She doesn't shed, so she wouldn't be a good spokeswoman :)

A Sad Panda said...

Devo looks so amazing in this picture! It's so cute that anyone who didn't like dogs would look at this picture and immediately convert to the other side.

B said...

Our dog is going to be so famous!
I hope it doesn't go to his head.

B said...

I wish I could bring him to work with me

wrestling kitties said...


Cute picture!