12 March 2008

If I Had a Thousand Dollars

Unlike every other girl in the world, I don't like to shop ... for myself. I could shop for B., my brother, my friends, my coworkers eight days a week. I can shop for myself for about eight minutes before throwing in the towel.

So, I've decided that I want someone to give me $1,000. (I asked B. and M. last night and they said no. Well, they laughed, but I think that laugh meant no.) If any of you kind readers feel like giving me $1,000, I promise to spend it all on other people. I will not buy anything needed, rather all of my purchases will be frivolous. I will put the packages where the recipients will find them, but will not leave a card. I'll be like the Easter Bunny. Sorta.

I already have a list started:
  • My friend D. would get this book I found titled '101 Things to do with Potatoes' because he loves potatoes.
  • B. and M. would get two gifts, but they read this blog, so I can't go into detail.
  • My coworker S. would get a dog treat cookbook.
  • My coworker M. would get a funny wine/cheese decoration, an advent calendar and a recipe box. (Although, the recipe box might classify as necessary ...)
I would just buy these things since they are small and sure to bring joy, but I don't want to cause any awkwardness. People don't usually accept 'just because' gifts very graciously.

So, who's going to give me $1,000?

P.S. Before you even say it, this is not like Oprah's Big Give. I don't want to help people. I just want to make them smile.


Iris Took said...

I think your spending spree is noble! People like you SHOULD have money.

A. said...

Thanks, Iris! You'll get a three-month supply of all-you-can-eat Wow Cow as soon as someone backs my endeavor!