26 March 2008

How's this for Customer Service?

During my morning email-checking routine, I came across an e-mail from Netflix with a subject of 'We're Sorry'. Odd. They didn't do anything to upset me.

Inside the e-mail was a personalized note basically saying that due to a computer problem, my movie wasn't shipped Monday. Instead it was shipped Tuesday. OK. I would never have noticed, but thanks for the heads up.

Then I read that they'll be crediting my account 5% for the inconvenience. Now that, my friends, is going above and beyond.


Kristen W. said...

That's great! It's good to know that Netflix actually cares about customers and they own up to mistakes.

wrestling kitties said...

Yes, that is very nice!

T&I have been considering getting Netflix....this could have just sold me on that!