10 March 2008

Dare to Dream

I just read a list of interesting jobs online and it got me to thinking about a conversation my friend D. and I had recently where we ultimately came to the conclusion that there are no perfect jobs.

This list has some cool jobs - beer tester, video game tester - and some not-so-cool jobs - Porta Potty servicer and tampon tester (eww). But even the good jobs would have side effects. The beer testers probably have beer bellies and the video game testers probably have carpal tunnel, for example.

If money was no object what job would you want? I'd love to be an ice cream tester, but that side effect wouldn't be pretty.


wrestling kitties said...

I would love to write books on traveling or be a travel critic!

I just need to get over my fear of flying first! :D

TLC said...

my ultimate dream job has always been: syndicated columnist.

that would be ideal for me. :)

of course, ice cream tester wouldn't be too shabby either. haha

Michelle said...

Well the ice cream taster would be great but not to good on the figure.

B said...

I like the video game tester

D said...

If I had money and no kid, I would do any job that I could travel. Something in Europe. Or, if I wasn't lazy, I would compete in the Olympics. I've always wanted to be a secret agent, but I can't keep secrets.

Kristen said...

I'd like to be a musician. Traveling the world, playing an instrument, getting paid, that would be great for me I think.

M said...

I told MD the other day that I would like to be an intern at the Late Show and he can have a high-powered law job in NYC.

Traveling the world to find the best wines would be awesome.

I may also enjoy designing pencils. Or something in the pencil field.

D said...

Pencil designer...now there's something you don't hear everyday.