27 February 2008

Wanted: One New, Cool, Trustworthy BFF

I can't believe my luck - Paris Hilton is looking for a new BFF! Where do I sign up?

According to Us Weekly, Paris will search for her new sidekick on a reality show set to air either on VH1 or MTV. Evidently, Paris is tired of the haters and is looking for someone cool and new who she can trust.

Who could be newer than me? I'm cool. I'm trustworthy. I'm also so not interested.

I think it's sad that Paris is resorting to 'reality' TV to find a new BFF. I also can't think of one reason to be her friend, aside from the fact that she might buy me a car for my birthday.

What do you think? Would you give a friendship with Paris a shot?


Kristen said...

I think Paris is a hater. She's dating that other Madden brother. Yeah... she's dating her ex-BFF's twin brother.

There is something so incest-y about Hollywood.

wrestling kitties said...

The bitch stole my idea!

I was just going to announce that I am currently taking applications to find my new BFF. Sorry Kristen, you just are not cutting it. And since friends are disposable and BFF's are so easy to make, I thought - what the heck, I need me a new BFF. I am also taking applications for people to just follow me around and tell me how fabulous I am and kiss my ass, people to buy me awesome things, and people to do whatever I want for my entertainment.

I am sure the requests will just be flying in.

(she is so arrogant and self-centered. I can't stand her)

M said...

Barf-o-rama. She's an idiot.

She'll use this person for about 3 weeks and decide that they aren't profitable for her and it will be over and people will slap themselves for paying even a second of attention to this. I hope to goodness no one buys into this. She sucks really, really bad.

Iris Took said...

Do I get to quit my job?
Do I get to make some money?
Do get to have companies send me cool stuff to wear on tv?

Sounds good to me....