25 February 2008

Thread Count. Schmread Count.

During an impromptu trip to Target last night, I was happy to learn, after 9 years of assuming otherwise, that B. doesn't mind jersey sheets. Who knew?

Once we had that cleared up, I bought some pretty yellow ones. Very springy. Now I'll never go back.

What kind of sheets do you have/like? The typical cotton kind? Jersey? Flannel? Silk?


Kay said...

Flannel is my choice!

Dr. Turtle said...

I like good cotton sheets - the ones that don't get little bally-things on them after you wash them! Flannel doesn't stay cool enough for me.

I've never slept on jersey or silk. But, I bet I would like the silk!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

We have uber-high thread count and we have regular cotton.

C. MUCH prefers the regular, 'ole cotton sheets. He actually mentioned his preference again last night.

Dr. Turtle - you should try the "sateen" sheets, they're super great. Plus, they seem cooler.

Iris Took said...

I love the Jersey Sheets!! They are my total favorite. I think silk is icky and sleazy. I hate flannel b/c I get too hot. Jersey are the perfect sheets.

wrestling kitties said...

Great sheets are one of those things I just have to have! Everytime I go to the store I look at the sheets. I am even getting 600 thread count sheets for my birthday from my parents! haha

I really can tell a difference when it comes to higher thread count sheets. And you can find great deals on them....we have never paid full price for a pair of our sheets!

I don't like flannel as they are too warm for me....I feel like I am sweating the entire night

Kristen said...

I've always wanted to sleep on silk sheets, but I'm afraid that I'll try to climb into bed and slip off. Or perhaps if I haven't shaved in awhile, the stubble might tear them.