04 February 2008

There's no 'Jeremy' in Team

Dear Jeremy,

You better not be wearing that Super Bowl ring today. As far as I'm concerned, the Giants shouldn't even have given you one.

I understand that you're hurt. Heck, you've been hurt most of the season. But to ignore your team last week and to sit in a box drinking beer during last night's game instead of standing on the sidelines is unacceptable.

I hear you're depressed about missing the big game, but you know what, you need to suck it up. I bet you're not avoiding your teammates today.



Rockit J said...

Well put. Why why why would you not want to be on the sidelines with yer team? Maybe there's some business that we don't know about? anyway, well put.

Chris said...

Wow. I don't follow pro football at all, but I find that extremely disappointing.

This Jeremy character seems like a jerk.

TLC said...

yeah i saw him in the box w/ his beer and i asked my hubby who it was. when he told me it was one of the players and he had a broken leg or something...i said "uh, why isn't he on the sidelines w/ the team then?"

my hubby's response: well, he can't drink beer on the sidelines.