22 February 2008

My Nose Knows

As a victim of the worst cold and flu season in Ohio history, I have gone through my fair share of tissues lately, which sparks my question of the day.

I'm always torn when it comes to tissues. The lotion kind feel good on my nose, but I don't like the greasiness.

What kind of tissues do you prefer?


TLC said...

just plain old Kleenex brand. i don't like any with lotion...i agree w/ you -- too greasy. but i do like the Kleenex with the little blue dots on them --- i think they're extra antibacterial or something.

wrestling kitties said...

no lotion EVER. nope. Can't have it. I can't stand the way it feels. Just a regular kleenex will do.

P.S. I am glad you are back blogging and I hope you feel better!!!

A. said...

My vote - Puff's with the scent of Vicks. Yum!