22 February 2008

My Brush with Politics

A few years ago, I got up bright and early, met my friend H. at Beaners and stood in a long, long line for a long, long time to attend a John Kerry rally. I was thisclose to walking over to the Bill Clinton event Sunday. If I wasn't recovering from a terrible sinus infection/flu, I'd probably stand in line for Hillary Clinton tonight.

I know my dad thinks this stuff is cool. I called him Wednesday to remind him about the eclipse and the first thing he said was, 'Did you say hi to Bill for me?' It took me a second to realize that 'Bill' wasn't my husband or my cousin or any of a number of Bills I know, it was Bill Clinton. I think it broke his heart when I told him I was too sick to go. 'Too sick?! This is a once-in-a-lifetime event,' he exclaimed.

So, do you think it's 'cool' to attend these events? Will you be 'meeting' anyone this weekend? Did you see McCain yesterday?

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TLC said...

i am HOPING to go see Obama on Sunday at UT. my husband tried to get me tickets but they were gone. but the ticket didn't even guarantee and "in" .... weird.

i will post about it either way, i'm sure.