29 February 2008

A Mismatch? Or a Match Made in Heaven?

By now you've probably heard that Stephen King and John Mellencamp are collaborating on a musical. The show will debut in Atlanta in April 2009 with the intention of moving to Broadway.

Now, I like Stephen King and I like John Mellencamp, but I'm not sure about them together. Thoughts?


cuts.happening said...

King is my golden boy- anything he touches is awesome in my book (tee hee). But...Melon-camp is a quack. i am tired of that "this is our country" song on every sporting event....he needs to retire to his little pink house.

Iris Took said...

I think this is the real life "Pinky and the Brain" and their plot to take over the world. King is obviously Brain with Mellencamp as his goofy sidekick, purely for entertainment.