01 February 2008

Let there be Light

One of the few things I dislike about my house is that there is no ceiling light in our middle bedroom. There is a wall light across the room from the door and a lamp about halfway into the room, but no switch on the wall.

While B. barely noticed the lack of a switch, it's always bothered me, so yesterday I did something about it. I bought the Handy Switch!

The Handy Switch comes with two parts - a box that you plug into a typical outlet and a switch. You plug the box into the wall and a lamp in to the box and viola!, you can turn that lamp on from 60 feet away with the switch.

The infomercial is a little over-the-top. I'm not going to carry my switch to bed with me and then turn off the lamp (which is presumably on my nightstand anyway). And I'm not going to carry the switch in my car and use it to turn a lamp on before I walk in the front door, but I am super excited to have a switch on my wall, right where one should be, in our middle bedroom.


Iris Took said...

I love infomercials and find that all the products on them are amazing. Handy Switch!

wrestling kitties said...

T & I laughed SO hard at the ridiculousness of the commercial!
Though I think this is a very clever and dare I say handy invention, the commercial was just out right silly!!!

T & I also were wondering if say we bought one and knew that someone else bought one, could we turn off and on their lights?!?!? Yeah, we are idiots, but it was a thought!

I hope you enjoy! Let us know how it works as these do look very cool!

D said...

I SAW THIS!!! I am an infomercial maniac. You KNOW the product is good when the commercial sucks, and ends with "but that's not all" and "if you order now"