07 February 2008

I Can Teleport!

OK. Not really. But it did hit me again this morning just how powerful music is. John Mellancamp's Wild Night came on the radio and instantly it was November of 1994 and I was at my friend L.'s wedding.

Red, Red Wine comes on the radio and I'm back in 1983 with my parents and brother at the bowling alley. November Rain? Swimming at my friend A.'s house. John Deere Green? Prom, 1994. Smoking in the Boys Room - Motley Crue version? Walking around my pond with my cousin.

What songs take you back?


Rockit J said...

DMB specifically the Crash album takes me back to the Willow Run days of 1998 and reminds me of how much I love my wiffee!

Anytime I hear Hootie - Only wanna Be With You I'm right back on the beach at Shepard's Backyard Tikibar in Clearwater FLA

What 30-something can make this list without including Chumbawumba? Hello, who wasn't at Uptown Tubthumping in the mid-late 90's?

Live - Pain Lies On the Riverside... Fall 1992 Uptown dance floor in BG

wrestling kitties said...

Pretty much any Incubus song before 2002 takes me back to college!

Crash Test Dummies takes me back to my loner days in High School, sitting in my room.

Was not Was, walk the Dinosaur - takes me to 6th grade and being the dork who knew who was not was, was! I also was a fan of Little Feat, Dr. John, and John Hiatt to name a few...I never stood a chance in middle school.

That's How Strong My Love Is - My first dance with my husband on our wedding day!!

There are just so many!!