30 January 2008

Who Can it be Knocking at My Door?

Friends, neighbors, Schwan's man, you're not going to have to knock anymore. We have a doorbell again.

We've been without a doorbell for almost a year (yes, that's how long the dining room remodel has taken), but last night, B. fixed that - much to Devo's dismay.

I can't help but wonder how many people have 'rang' our doorbell in the past 12 months. Has anyone rang it and then left when there was no answer, or did they all try knocking when ringing didn't work? What would you do?

P.S. Bonus Points to the first person to name the group who sings the song referenced in the title of this post.


Iris Took said...

Nice to have a doorbell!

Oh yes!!

A. said...

Bonus Points to I.T.!

cuts.happening said...

nice... men at work rock. We have a janky doorbell to. Ours has not worked since we moved in five years ago. Kudos to fixing yours.