24 January 2008

Stop Talking to Me, Swan*

I'd like to think that I'm a good person. Friendly. Approachable. Honest. Sincere. A good listener.

But, I'm not sure it would be friendly to tell the next person that approaches me in a bus stop shack that I honestly and sincerely don't want to listen to their life stories.

The other day, while waiting for the bus to take me across campus, some random weird guy decided I needed to know his views on 1. people with master's degrees, 2. parking, 3. the bus schedule, 4. his girlfriend's daughter 5. doing his girlfriend's daughter's laundry and 6. his girlfriend's place of employment.

All the while, I stared at my cell phone, which I was doing when he first started talking, and nodded or umm'd appropriately. If the bus hadn't come, I think he would have talked for hours.

Since I had to listen, you, too, need to know his views: 1. people with master's degrees have no common sense, 2. there is plenty of room to build a parking garage on campus, but people with MBAs can't look past the cost, 3. the bus never runs on schedule, 4. she's model, but doesn't get paid, it's expensive to fly to California so they are going to tell her she can't model anymore unless she gets paid for transportation, 5. he did 30 loads this week and 6. Jeep.

* I know the correct phrase is, 'Stop looking at me, swan.' I took creative liberties.
** B., B., M., I so wanted to title this post 'Banana, banana, banana.'


wrestling kitties said...

Holy Crap! There is NO need to tell a person you don't even know all that information. Personally, I don't even say hi, let alone reveal chapters from my bio! What a nutter!

You are just such a nice person people feel they can tell you everything!

Iris Took said...

Agreed. I wish in those situations, I would have the courage to just get up and move away from someone that is just mindlessly word-vomiting on me.