25 January 2008

Seeing Red

After months (and months) of grunt work, our dining room is finally ready to paint! I've known since the first time I stepped into our dining room that I wanted to paint the walls red. Little did I know, 'red' is not an option.

Tomato. Poinsettia. Drum Beat. Firecracker. Dare Devil. California Poppy. Licorice Stick. These are my options.

Usually, I'm all about color. But this time, I just can't decide. I have narrowed down the possibles to six probables, which are taped to my dining room wall.

Can someone pick one for me? We're painting tomorrow, so if you could come over tonight, that would be great.


Dr. Turtle said...

I'll give you this advice...PRIME FIRST! I have a red bedroom - it's brick/blood red, and I think it's fabulous. But I didn't prime, I thought I'd be fine with a couple coats...well, a couple turned into 5 :)

I recommend a deep red, I think the brighter will end up look too pink.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I feel for you. Red it a TOUGH color. And I cannot echo Dr. Turtle's sentiment enough: PRIME FIRST. Prime with the correct primer.

Good luck finding the "not too purple" or "not too pink" red.

wrestling kitties said...


All this hassle is worth it!!! Our dining room was a BITCH. Put us a good 2 weeks behind b/c of the problems, but now we love it!!

Agree about the primer....makes it so much easier. We painted ours a wine color (awesome)!!! I prefer a red with more of a grey tone just to avoid the it is pink red!

Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!!

Kay said...

I wish I could paint with you. I say go deep red - like a rust red. That would compliment the other wood in your house quite nicely.

Iris Took said...

Good luck with the color choice!
Anything will look good on the wall once you get it up.