23 January 2008

If I Had a Million Dollars ...

... I'd buy a cabin in Hocking Hills and live there permanently.

I cannot, without sounding incredibly cheesy, express how much I love this region. During every visit, I find myself becoming less stressed, more relaxed and extremely awed.

After this latest visit, I also found myself a little depressed. I didn't want to leave. If I was 5, I would have thrown one doozy of a tantrum to stay.

Here are some thoughts:
  • Eating chili and roast in a secluded cabin in the middle of January is my definition of culinary perfection.
  • Sitting in a 103-degree hot tub in the middle of a forest after a long hike while the thermometer reads 10 degrees is my definition of ultimate relaxation.
  • You shouldn't read into the phrase 'fudge box'.
  • Strudel roulette is too risky for my blood.
  • Dogs are more sure-footed than humans.
  • I need an official pair of hiking shoes. Maybe something from here.
  • Pictures of the parks do not do them justice.
That's all for now. If you've never been to Hocking Hills. Go. Now. No, wait until the fall. It's amazing.


Iris Took said...

Sign me up. Now.


wrestling kitties said...

T. went there for his bachelor party and loved it! We talked about going back with some friends for a weekend! So fun!

(P.S. I love that you said you would have thrown a doozy of a tantrum - hahaha!)

Rockit J said...

Ditto... DOUBLE Ditto, except for the strudel roulette part. HeHe

M said...

You've convinced me. I really need to see this place, it sounds wonderful and relaxing and pretty and cozy and cool.

cuts.happening said...

Hocking hills is the best. You and your man and your pup should camp with mike and wendy...I here they're cool people.

Tiny said...

Where is this Hocking Hills? Is there some kind of link to more information?