31 January 2008

I Know I'm Not Good at Math, but ...

... isn't 100 percent of something all of it? For example, if I ate 100 percent of the chocolate chip/walnut cookies sitting on a plate in my kitchen*, I ate them all right?

Then what's up with this one hundred thousand percent crap that I keep hearing? Or one million percent? Or one quadrillion percent?

I get that people are saying it for effect, but knock it off. It annoys me.

* This is a purely hypothetical situation.


Dr. Turtle said...

I'm with ya!

I HATE when people say, "I always give 110%"

Bullshit...no such thing!

wrestling kitties said...


And why was it always coaches/teachers in HS who said this. You have to give 110%. Really?!?! 110%?? Please explain how.

So stupid!

B said...

In Paula Abdul's warped little world there is more than 100% Whatever she is on makes there be 1,000,000%