01 January 2008

Good Bye, 2007

Like my friend J. over at Wrestling Kitties, I recently looked back at 2007, kind of a recap of the year, and was a little disappointed that nothing BIG happened - I didn't write a best-selling novel, travel the world or save the whales. But, my year was filled with happy events on a slightly smaller, and more realistic, scale:
  • B., S., D. and K. all brought home healthy, happy babies
  • B., C., M., and D. all said 'I do' with the ones they love
  • B. graduated from BGSU - and B., B., M., T., J. and I enjoyed a delicious feast at the Melting Pot to celebrate
  • B. and I became true yuppies and bought an SUV
  • My cousin A. and I took what I hope to be the first of many road trips - to see Wicked
  • I talked B., B., and M. into playing softball (prepare yourselves for season 2 in 08)
  • I got to see Sawyer Brown twice this year - and half of .38 Special
  • I went to my first NFL game - years from now Browns and Bills fans will still be talking about that game and I'll be able to say 'I was there'
  • B. and I got to ride in a Nascar at MIS - and an Indy car and a drifting car
All in all, 07 was a great year! I wonder what 08 has in store?

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Anonymous said...

I'm feeling pretty good about being in 3 of your listed happy events. My goal for 2008 is to be in next year's list 4 times.