11 January 2008

Get Over Yourselves

I know no one is watching Celebrity Apprentice, but I have to complain about it just for a minute.

I used to love The Apprentice, especially when I worked at a marketing firm, because I could relate to many of the challenges. Somehow or another I lost interest, though, and haven't watched in years. Last night, because nothing else was on, I tuned back in and found myself getting drawn back in. The challenge was to make a commercial, something I've had to do, so I could relate.

But I quickly found myself yelling at the TV. Stephen Baldwin and Gene Simmons have to go. Together, they are the most obnoxious, arrogant, a-holes I've ever seen on reality TV. (That's saying a lot.)

First, they couldn't be bothered to meet with the client, then they sent the other 5 members of their team home because they were in the way and worst of all - they won!

I'm all for drama (real or staged) in reality TV, but these men were so bad, I'm not sure if I'll watch again. Did anyone watch last night?

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