17 January 2008

For Real?

I have to admit right off the bat that I can be gullible sometimes. So, I need your honest input.

Yesterday, while on Two Pretzels, I read that Trivial Pursuit Millennium Edition has a question about T-town's infamous Mayor F. Specifically, I read, 'You know you're from Toledo if you can correctly answer the question on Trivial Pursuit Millennium Edition, about naming the mayor of an Ohio town that wanted to pass legislature to have all the deaf people moved out by the airport.'

I've heard about moving deaf people to the airport before, but I never heard that it was a Trivial Pursuit question. Is it really? Or is someone exaggerating for effect?


TLC said...

oh yes! it really is a question.

really, really.

Dr. Turtle said...

Very True.
Ridic, huh?

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I still remember that whole mess. Can you BELIEVE he actually said that?

It still makes me laugh.

I mean, who says that?!

Iris Took said...

GET OUT! I thought that was a joke on Two Pretzel's blog!! Carty really is famous. Oh, Carty...