14 January 2008

All Good Things

Thanks to W., the Hippie Commune is a big fan of Showtime's Dexter, an edgy show about a lovable (and dare I say, hot) serial killer.

B. and I read the first two Dexter books last year, then caught up on season 1 before season 2 started in the fall. It was a sad day when the season ended, but season 3 wouldn't be far behind!

Only now, season 3 is going to be on CBS. I hate to be pessimistic, but this is going to ruin Dexter. While I'm not an advocate for blood or violent death or boobies on TV, those things as a whole are what make Dexter such a great show and I doubt CBS is going to let them slip by. (Stupid FCC.)

Also, Dexter runs without commercials on Showtime, creating a unique momentum that network TV doesn't have. I highly doubt CBS is going to forgo advertising.

I'm curious to see how Dexter's ratings hold up - the show might get new fans (people who don't have Showtime), but I wonder if the original Dexter fans will stick around.


wrestling kitties said...

Though T & I are not faithful fans, we do watch Dexter in big chunks on Showtime in Demand. We both really like the show and the premise of the show!

You are right, this doesn't seem like I show that would work as well on CBS. It is like when they put shows like Sex and the City and Sopranos on regular TV....they are ok to watch, but not nearly as good.

Rockit J said...

You said BOOBIES on yer blog! that rox.

As far as Dex on CBS... Ditto especially about the unique momentum part.

Kay said...

According to Showtime, they are playing season one on CBS. I am more okay with them replaying past seasons on regular TV than I am of them completely watering down the show and making new episodes for regular TV.

A. said...

That's interesting, W. CBS still doesn't have anything on their Web site. I've seen conflicting reports online, but if Showtime says it's Season 1, I'm cool with that. Just as long as they don't do Season 3.