14 January 2008

An Action-Packed Weekend

W. and the girls - A. to the left and L. with Devo - came up for a visit this weekend. There was lots of chatting, lots of shopping and lots of eating. It was a grand weekend all around. Here are some highlights/observations:

* W. and I realized that the girls' godfather was the best man in my friend J.'s wedding. (Small frickin' world.)
* W. and I realized that her brother's roommate was the best man in my friend S.'s wedding. (Ditto.)
* Devo didn't lick the girls to death. In fact, the girls didn't experience any Devo trauma. Devo, on the other hand, might be scarred.
* L. is a great breakdancer.
* A. loves Hannah Montana.
* I learned who Handy Manny is.
* B. is a good babysitter.
* Kids don't eat a lot.
* Being a godmother rocks!
* I don't think I could have twins - even adorable ones.


M said...

Love the hat! Sounds like you guys had a blast this weekend. Too fun.

wrestling kitties said...

I still think that is so awesome! T. got a kick out of it too...knew exactly who she was before I could even say her full name!!! :)

I am glad you had such a great weekend!