17 December 2007

Your Branches Green Delight Us

After 10 years of decorating a fake tree, I'm happy to report that B. and I got a real tree this year!

I never had a fake tree until I went to college but with apartment rules and our holiday traveling schedule, a real tree wasn't possible - until this year! Yeah!

I had a blast picking it out (although B. probably didn't) and decorating it. I even decided to forgo the 'theme tree' and go with a hodge-podge tree. I love it!


wrestling kitties said...

YAY for real christmas trees!! The smell is just wonderful! And even though I am allergic to the tree sap and can not eally touch the tree, I couldn't imagine not having a real one! If anything for the ritual of it!

T & I love to go out all bundled up to pick out a tree and fight about how we are going to get it to our house. (Every year we seem to forget how we did it the previous year!) Then T. does the lights, I do the decorations and it makes us both so happy!

Rockit J said...

I like that you call it "hodge podge"