17 December 2007

Where Does it Hurt?

Poor Devo was a little under the weather last week. It started Tuesday night with vomiting and continued through Thursday with more vomiting, lethargy and the d-word. It wasn't pretty.

B. and I finally took him to the vet Thursday afternoon when he didn't appear to be getting any better.

Since Devo couldn't exactly tell the vet where it hurt or if he ate something he shouldn't have, I was interested in how she was going to make a prognosis.

She checked his ears, eyes, teeth, throat and belly; took his temperature (yuck) and then gave me my options: antibiotic and some medicine for his ear (it seems he had an ear infection) or blood work, X-rays, stool analysis, etc.

I went with option A., praying that I wasn't being a cheapskate.

By Friday afternoon, Devo was laying on the bed, something he hadn't done since Tuesday. By Friday night, he was able to eat a tuna-can-sized can of wet dog food. He was on his way to recovery!

I guess we'll never know what made him sick. Just another reason I wish he could talk.


wrestling kitties said...

Ah, I hope he is feeling better!

Kay said...

He looks so cute in that picture. I just want to hug him!

Rockit J said...

What do you mean you wish he could talk?... He talks to me all the time.

Rockit J said...

I guess you don't "love" him the right way...