03 December 2007

What an Investment

B. and I are now the proud owners of a Gorilla Ladder System (think Little Giant). We have needed a ladder for awhile (those gutters are calling our names), but it wasn't until Saturday, when I wanted to put up Christmas lights, did the need become overwhelming. (Last year, we could only put lights about 2/3 of the way up the pine tree in our front yard. It was tacky, but without a ladder, even my 6'5" husband couldn't reach the top.)

B. has wanted a Little Giant for years, only, I think, because of the infomercials. But when we priced a large A-frame ladder and a long extension ladder, buying a Little Giant made sense - until we saw the Gorilla.

We brought it home with us for three reasons - it was $200 cheaper than the Little Giant, two Home Depot guys told us it was just as good as the Little Giant and B. likes monkeys. (Get it? Gorilla?)

We figured if Home Depot was steering us toward the cheaper option of a product, especially when it was apparent we were willing to buy the Little Giant, it has to be quality. I hope.


b said...

I just hope that the ground is firm enough to hang some lights soon


Kay said...

We have one of these ladders and it is the greatest!