05 December 2007

Slug Bugs, Perdittles and Woodies

Since I moved away from home a million years ago, I've been amazed at how customs vary by location (even from one part of Northwest Ohio to another).

For example, B. doesn't call 'Perdittle' when he sees a car with a missing headlight, he calls 'Padittle'. And he has no idea what a 'Perdunk' is.

Everyone has at least heard of slug bugs and woodies, but until today, when S. tapped the ceiling of her car, I've never seen anyone react when driving through a yellow light, which is another car-related custom I grew up with. Back home, we would have hit the window, but it had the same effect.

Did you do any of these things as a new driver? Do you still do any of these things? As the former owner of a 1974 orange Volkswagen Super Beetle (like the one pictured above), I can tell you that slug bugs are no fun, but woodies (or beaver trim as we called them) are fine.


M said...

I'm not sure I understand one word of this post. Slugbug perhaps, but that's pretty much it.

mattie said...

Punch Bug, Padittle and Woodchuck
PS: hello!

wrestling kitties said...

We say padittle, slugbug and woodie. We also do the ceiling tap for yellow lights. I also have never heard of a perdunk?!?!

I don't do these things so much anymore, unless I am trying to annoy my husband while he is driving b/c I am bored. There was a time for about a year and a half that my husband and I did the slugbug thing. We REALLY got into it and became so competitive that we had to stop!!

Tiny said...

You Ohioans are downright strange. :)

I'm pretty sure that post was in a different language.

Rockit J said...

whats perdunk?

You said woodies TWICE!