17 December 2007

Secret Ingredients

I noticed on Pushing Daisies last week that Chuck bakes Gruyere into the pear pies that she makes her aunts. That sounds gross, but my friend B. pointed out that some people think cheddar cheese and apple pie go together. I don't, but then again I didn't used to think that grape jelly and chili sauce went together either.

Last week I also learned that some people love something called Black Pepper Cookies. Those sound gross too, but then again my friend B. enjoys chocolate birthday cake on his hamburgers.

What do you think about these combos? Tasty or nasty? Know of any other 'unusual' recipes?


M said...

My Grandpa used to put a slice of American cheese on his apple pie. And I think the idea of Gruyere on pear pie sounds fabulous!

I would probably try these things. They don't sound awful.

This reminded me of that one baseball park that was selling cheeseburgers on donuts. Remember that?

Rockit J said...

Burgers on dog-nuts!?!? I am TOTALLY intrigued!!!

Can mine be double chocolate please?

mattie said...

"Pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze," says my uncle.
I baked some cheddar into an apple pie crust once and it was great!