07 December 2007

Let This Be a Lesson to You (and Me)

The warning signs have been there. The freezing. The sputtering. The painful death moans. But since B.'s a computer genius, I've chose to ignore them. And that was stupid.

Our home computer (the family one, not B.'s fancy-dancy new one) has been sick for awhile, but did I once think to back up my photos and documents? Well, yeah, I thought it, but I didn't actually do it.

The computer finally bit the dust earlier this week. At first, I wasn't worried, after all, B. is a computer genius. But as the days went by, I started lamenting over the pictures I'd lose if he couldn't work his magic. Then I started kicking myself for not backing them up. Last night, I almost cried when I realized what all I might lose.

But, lo and behold, B. tried a Hail Mary last night and was able to recover all of our photos before declaring the computer dead. Whew.

As my dad would say, 'Let this be a lesson to you.' And me. Back-up your photos.


B said...

Sorry I didn't notice the problem earlier, so that you didn't get so sad. I just don't use that computer anymore so I didn't realize it was in such a bad state.


Iris Took said...

How did you back them up? Flash drive?

Turtle Parade said...

This is exactly why I think online photo services are SOOOO wonderful (dotphoto, snapfish, etc.). My computer bit the dust last spring...had I not created an account with dotphoto and uploaded every digital picture I had ever taken, I surely would have lost them all (since neither I nor my husband are that good with computers.

A. said...

When B. salvaged them from the hard drive of the computer, he put them on his flash drive. I think I'm going to burn them to CDs and file them somehow.

I never really thought I needed an online photo service, but I think I'm sold now.

CresceNet said...
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Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I've been using dotphoto since 2001 and it helped me in 2003 when my computer crashed and I lost ALL my photos.

FYI: My online photos services will deactivate your account after a certain period of time if you don't access/purchase photos... I'm a "member" of dotphoto (I pay $4.99 a month) for a certain amount of prints that roll over each month.

Huge fan.