17 December 2007

Fair Weather Fans

Guess where B. and I were yesterday.

Here's a hint: It was snowing.

My wardrobe consisted of two pairs of long john bottoms (one silk, one thermal), jeans, two pairs of long john tops (one silk, one thermal), one sweatshirt with hood, one ski coat with hood, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks, one ear warmer band thing, one stocking cap, one scarf and two blankets.


M said...

Oh golly, that picture of you (I think that's you in there) cracks me up!

I think it would have been kinda fun to be there. I would have dressed just like you did. Although I don't think there's much you can do to actually "be warm" in conditions like that. Way to be a trooper.

Rockit J said...

I agree, yinz are troopers!

Games like that tare a blast!

Iris Took said...

You are a warrior! That is awesome!