24 December 2007

Cuttin' it Close

Dear UPS:

Amazon guaranteed that my recent purchases would be delivered by Monday, December 24 - today. In fact, I paid extra for that guarantee. So, I ask you, where are my packages?

Yes, yes, I know I should have ordered a bit earlier in the month, but B. just decided last week that we should exchange gifts on Christmas Day. This means, Yeah!, I get gifts, and Crap!, I have to get B. gifts.

In addition to the tight deadline, B. put a limit on how much we could spend, thereby eliminating the only gift I had in mind. (Yes, I said 'thereby', I'm trying to sound official.)

Anyway, I see that one of the packages was in Maumee Friday and the other arrived there Saturday. If need be, I can mosey on down there and pick them up myself. If that won't work, I better be seeing you within the next 14 1/2 hours.



Anonymous said...

WELL did it arrive or not???????

Stuart A. Thompson said...

Yes, I am also curious, but I'll reduce my use of question marks for the sake of the environment. Also, maybe you could make a crafty card or write a poem... you know, the free gifts that both show your "true" level of care for the person as well as communicate the inefficient planning on the part of your friend to coordinate projects in lieu of their deadlines!

A. said...

I was able to sleep peacefully last night - the brown truck showed up with approximately 12 hours to spare. Whew.