26 November 2007

That's a Toughie

In true Thanksgiving fashion, B.'s Uncle D. broke out a new game this weekend - DVD Would You Rather.

A lot of the questions were no brainers - much to our disappointment. But a few really got us thinking.

* Would you rather be a character on The Office or Office Space?
* Would you rather eat a computer mouse or a real mouse?

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Iris Took said...

Well, I feel as if I actually AM a character on The Office.

I love this game and think it is so fun. The sick and weird version is amazing.

M said...

1) The Office.

2) Random. How does one eat a computer mouse?

I like this game. Ask more.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

1.) The Office. (I would want to be

2.) I would pass on either mice. I prefer not to eat either.

This is fun.

Anonymous said...

A character on the office who eats a mouse! Computer mouse.... wireless so I can mess with peoples computer and they wouldn't know what is going on... HE HE HE HE


Turtle Parade said...

1 - Office Space. I think the Office is one of the most annoying things I've ever seen.

2 - if I had to answer, I'd say computer mouse, just 'cause I think real mice are cute.

Whoever you are "rk" you're funny.