13 November 2007


I don't know what's going on with my taste buds, but in the past month, I've drank something like five beers. You read me, five.

Since I haven't drank any beer since 1997 (specifically, since my friend T.'s dad had to carry me from a wedding reception hall to the car), five beers is crazy.

It's safe to say I'm definitely a mixed drink/wine girl.

But, just moments ago, I actually thought to myself, 'I need a beer.' Not a glass of wine. Not a shot of tequila. Not a strawberry daiquiri. A beer.


C said...

After all these years your hubby is finally rubbing off on you?

Anonymous said...

Why did you have a daiquiri with dinner???

A. said...

RK - There wasn't any Miller Lite in the house. For some reason that's been my beer of choice. Weird, riiiiiight?

b said...

No it is cause I make her a mean daiquiri!

Iris Took said...

PS - I love PBR in a can. Seriously. Good for you for wanting a beer! Go for it!