14 November 2007

I Hate Hype

That's my phone pictured to the left. I didn't want a Razr, especially a pink one, but it was the cheapest phone I could get when my old phone died. Odd, huh?

There are several things I don't like about this phone, but it sends and receives calls OK, so I quit complaining. Until last week.

After an hour or so searching through ringtones on B.'s cell phone (because it's more user-friendly), I finally picked out a few to buy, specifically 'Let's Go Blue'!

Move to my phone, supposedly a 'better' phone, to download and I can't get the ringtones - any of them! I downloaded a few programs, thinking that would help, but all it got me were synthesized hits from two years ago.

Since I paid for the programs, I used my credits for a barely recognizable version of Toby Keith's Whiskey Girl and a hilarious (and or possibly obnoxious) guy going, 'Ring, ring. Ring, ring.'

Have you bought ringtones? If so, from where and what? Do you like ringtones? Or do they annoy you?


A. said...

For the record, I think it'd be funny to get Who Can It Be Now by Men At Work.

wrestling kitties said...

I love ringtones! I have specific ones for certain people in my family! I usually go through verizons downloads or sony music box...they seem to have the best "real" songs....at least that I can get on my older, slightly simple phone!

This coming summer T & I can get new phones and I am not excited. I like my simple phone, but it is already giving me problems (can only talk with the battery for 40 minutes) and with as much as I drop it, it will not last another 2 1/2 years. I am just afraid of a new phone...I HATE the razors (my husband has one) and think these phones have gotten too crazy!