27 November 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me

I can't call my job 'new' anymore - I've officially been here for one year. Woo-hoo.

Despite all the stress associated with changing jobs (like when your current boss knows your possible new boss, but feels allegiance to his own boss), I'm glad I made the move.

As a result:
  • I've made new friends.
  • I've learned how to make awesome meatballs.
  • I started this blog.
  • B. got his first post-college job.
  • I have new boots.
  • I know the back way to the stores on Route 20.
  • I'm satisfying my newspaper roots.
  • I've seen more backpacks on wheels than I knew existed.
  • I understand red tape (and the benefits of working at a state institution).
And, drum roll, please:
  • I get snow days.*
* I'm already anticipating the excitement of seeing 'OCC - Closed' scroll on the bottom of the TV screen this winter.


Kay said...

Ah, the days of snow days. Pish posh. I technically don't get "snow days" at my "new" job (that I also cannot call new anymore!) but we had two "ice" days last year! :) I'm so happy that you that you switched jobs! Happy Job Anniversary to you!

wrestling kitties said...

Congrats!!!! I for one am VERY happy you got a job at Owens b/c we got to meet you!!!

I will really miss the snow days you could get, as well as a whole week off over christmas/New Years

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

YAY for you and JOB.WELL.DONE.

It feels sometimes like it's a thankless position, but my friend - I would imagine that you are making SUCH an impression on SO many people.

Good for you.

And best of luck with those snow days...