30 November 2007

Good Memories

A few weeks ago, B., B., M. and I went to the Happy Rose for dinner. The spicy chicken wasn't cutting it, but all was well when our server gave us a Chinese scroll calendar. I think I scared everyone with my excitement.

I don't know why we had them, or why I remember this, but we always had a Chinese scroll calendar in our kitchen while I was growing up. I had forgotten all about them until we opened the box our server handed us.

B. got another calendar Wednesday from another Chinese restaurant, so now I'm guessing that's how we always got ours back home.

I'm not sure where I'm going to put the calendars (they don't go with my decorating scheme!), but they brought back such a happy memory that I have to hang them somewhere.

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wrestling kitties said...

We had one too growing up. We got it from our local chinese restaraunt! I always thought they were fun!!