04 October 2007

You Say Potato

French fries? Waffle fries? Curly fries? Home fries? Steak fries?

Tator tots? Hash browns? Mashed? Latkes? Chips? Crisps?

What's your favorite way to eat a potato?


A. said...

I'm going to have to say fair fry-style (long, thin, skin on), drenched in salt and vinegar.

Iris Took said...

From Wendys with Chili and Sour Cream. AWESOME!

M said...

Goodness, I could probably tell you my favorite fry place, tot place, waffle fry place, steak fry place. I shall attempt now:

French fries: Wendy's with their honey mustard OR Easy Street cajun fries with Ranch. Outback's fries with Ranch too.

Waffle fries: Moe's in Rossford.

Curly fries: Arby's.

Steak fries: Pemberville Fair. With vinegar and mustard.

Tator Tots: Yum! Jed's. Probably my all-time fave pots. Preferably with mustard and ranch.

Hash browns: McDonald's.

Mashed: Stella's in Perrysburg. To die for. So creamy.

Chips: BBQ with Helluva sour cream dip.

Never heard of a latke, but I'd probably like it.

Kay said...

Cheesy potatoes!

M said...

Kay's right. Homemade cheesy potatos are fantastic!

Charlie's also has good fries with melted shredded cheese not just melty cheese. And they also have feta cheese fries - those are wonderful.

B said...

I Like my potatoes french fried. I have to give props to Penn Station. Fresh cut fries with vinegar and salt. Favorite fast food fries would have to be McDonald's, Wendy's are good but get beat out. Fair fry-style are good too.

Turtle Parade said...

I have to say nothing beats fries from Cedar Point, with vinegar.

But...I could never pass up J.Alexander's mashed, or Stella's, they're both awesome.

And...I'll take the potato cassarole at Cousino's

and the hashbrowns at Mancy's.

And the crispy waffle chips at Mancy's Italian

wrestling kitties said...

I make a pretty good cheesy potato!! YUM! That is probably my favorite!

But A. I can never pass on a good fair fry with salt and vinegar!