09 October 2007

With or Without You

Texts are flying in left and right since I told B. and RKM that Blind Melon is playing in BG Sunday. Yes, the lead singer is still dead. No, it's not an instrumental show. They replaced Hoon with some guy named Travis Warren.

Once we got that cleared up, the conversation took the obvious turn - How do we feel about Blind Melon moving on without Shannon Hoon? Lots of bands have regrouped after the loss (by death or pettiness) of a lead singer. But is that cool?

I'd love to see Lynard Skynard, even without Ronnie Van Zant. But Sublime without Brad Nowell doesn't cut it.

Thoughts? Other examples?

P.S. Bonus Points to anyone who can honestly name a Blind Melon song other than No Rain off the top of their head.


B said...

Great song on the same album as No Rain.
I think that Hoon had a pretty unique voice I don't know if it would be the same. I do not know if he was the primary song writer though and that could get me to think differently.

wrestling kitties said...

Are they playing at Howards? You guys going?

I was never a huge fan...but of course how could ANYONE forget the bee girl!!! FUN!!!

I am kind of ok with bands getting new lead singers after one has left. It really depends on WHY they left. If a member has passed away (or went crazy) then getting a new lead singer isn't bad as long as you pay respect to the singer before. Alot of the bands who have succeeded in doing that have also wrote songs to pay respect to that member.

However if you just feel like kicking out the singer b/c you don't get along or the lead singer is an ass and leaves (Van Halen / GnR) it doesn't really work so much and you all look like a bunch of a$$holes! Like Axl's "guns n roses" will NEVER be anything without them all together.

Other examples:
It worked for Pink Floyd when Syd "left" in came David Gilmore and that worked really well!

It happened with AC/DC and that guy sounds SO close to the original lead singer.

wrestling kitties said...

On the other hand, I think there are some singers that have such a unique sound and are so influential to the music that they shouldn't be replaced. Hoon may be one of those people. You would almost have to take the band in a whole new direction...and if that is the case why are they still calling themselves Blind Melon.

So I guess I don't know if I am ok with it....it is really situational!