03 October 2007

Whee! I Love the Wii!

I had a big night Saturday - I bowled, I played baseball, I played tennis and I boxed. If I hadn't been completely exhausted, I would have played some more - on the Wii!

I love this stupid game console. Love it. It took a little while to get past the 'Boy, I look stupid' feelings, but once I did, I was rockin'!

I really think I would lose weight if I bought this thing. Or, maybe I'm just telling myself that to justify the purchase. Either way, I need it.


wrestling kitties said...

I have yet to play one but want one SO freak'n bad!!!

I want it for all those games you mentioned and the cooking mama game! hehe

Wii just looks like a blast!

A. said...

Um, W.K., what's Cooking Mama?