17 October 2007

Well, That's OK Then

One of my internal work 'clients' was supposed to get me some info Friday for an ad I'm doing, but the info never came. Nor did it come Monday or Tuesday. I was just getting ready to call him this morning when I got this e-mail:

'Sorry for the delay. I have been busy saving the galaxy.'

It's hard to be mad at a guy who has such an important weight on his shoulders.


wrestling kitties said...

HAHA! that is cute!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I believe a 'thank you' is in order, give him one for me too!


Anonymous said...

Don't be so quick to forgive without first knowing which galaxy it was he was saving. It could have been a really crappy one where there is no beer (do not forgive) or it could have been the one where all women have three breasts (forgive, and ask directions).

A. said...

I was gonna ask why three-breasted women were so great since you only have two hands, but then I think I caught on.