11 October 2007

Things to Do

Can I take the afternoon off? Work is slow for me today and I have a zillion things to do at home. I am not accomplishing anything right now, but I could, if I could go home. I'll be productive, I promise. I'll ...
  • Wash my comforters
  • Clean out the cars
  • Take the air conditioners out of the windows
  • Burn the last bucket of slats (don't ask)
  • Move the rhododendron
  • Plant tulip bulbs
  • Take everything out of the dining room in preparation for drywalling
  • Do dishes
  • Do laundry
  • Walk Devo
  • And pack for this weekend
On my way home I'll ...
  • Stop at the bank
  • Pick up a birthday present
  • Pick up two wedding presents
  • Get a new pair of cute brown dress shoes for work
  • Pick up ladder golf
  • Drop film off to be developed
  • And get my bottle of free tequila
Now that I've made my case, can I go home? Please?


M said...


wrestling kitties said...

I say take the afternoon off, get your free bottle of tequila and have fun!!!