03 October 2007

They Had Me at Viral Marketing

If there was ever any doubt that I would check out Pushing Daises tonight, it has been erased. Their clever marketing has me hooked. I'll fall for anything if it's interactive. Case in point:

The latest online ad asks: If you could bring someone back to life for 60 seconds, who would it be and what would you ask? Go here to type in your answers and see how other people have responded.

And then tell me your answers!


wrestling kitties said...

I have wanted to see this show since the very first preview! This is one of the shows I have been most excited about!!!

I don't know who I would bring back. But probably not a family member, that would be too hard to only have 60 seconds with them. It would probably be someone famous or maybe someone who we are not sure who killed them....like Nicole Brown Simpson (just to verify)

P.S. Did you watch Moonlight?!?!?! I thought it was pretty good! The first shows are always hard to tell, but I think it could be good! The actress is a really good British actress...it is weird hearing her voice like that.

A. said...

I missed Moonlight. I am going to have to set the VCR. (We can't DVR regular stations - boo!)

Anonymous said...

My dad. What was I like as a child.

wrestling kitties said...

I thought this was a totally cute show!!! I like the feel/color of it, loved the voice over guy, and just thought it was well done! What a good show!

And his place is the pie hole..hahaha!

Did you ever watch Dead Like Me? The guy who did this show also did Dead Like Me. That was such a great series!

M said...

It WAS great! Love the premise, love the look, love the dialogue.
It was very Dr. Seuss like to me.

I think this show has some staying power.

A. said...

W.K. - I just requested both seasons of Dead Like Me from Netflix. I'm intrigued!

wrestling kitties said...

Oh Fun!!! Let me know what you think! It didn't stay on very long - but i thought it was really good!