02 October 2007


Here it is, folks! Tattoo #2!

Some thoughts:

* I think W. appreciated that I brought a stress ball along this time.
* The MP3 player helped. Although the death metal music playing in the shop really added to the ambiance.
* I didn't cry as much as I did the first time.
* I didn't need my bottle of Southern Comfort.
* The chocolate milkshake afterward was delicious.
* Troy, my artist, was great. I recommend him if you're ever looking to get a tattoo in Cincinnati.
* Following your instincts when choosing the tattoo shop/artist is important.
* Outlining doesn't hurt.
* Getting tattoos really is addicting. I plan to get another one in another 10 years. :-)


Iris Took said...

AWESOME! What is this design? What does it mean?

Kay said...

You were very good for this tat. Minimal tears. No whining. I was extremely proud of you. That stress ball is permanently smooshed on one side, but that's okay, at least my hand isn't smooshed! :)

M said...

Clever title for this post!

wrestling kitties said...

Love it!!!

Yeah, what does this mean?

I can't wait to get my first tat....as soon as I get a job I am on it!!!

Turtle Parade said...

I LOVE IT! I'm so ready for my #2...been ready for awhile. I'm not sure why I haven't done it. I got my first one 9 years ago...gosh, that makes me feel old!

wrestling kitties said...

Wait, is that a celtic spiral life symbol? I am looking to get a celtic love knot on my left wrist and it seems as though I came accross that at some point. There are so many variations for celtic knots I don't know which I want!!

A. said...

Good eye, W.K.! It sure is. There was another one that I liked a lot, but this one just felt right.