31 October 2007

Side Effects

Since we now know what it's like to lose our 'child', B. and I went to extreme measures Sunday to make sure that if it ever happens again (which it won't), we're prepared. We got Devo microchipped and his collar now jingles with not one, not two, but three tags.

He was a little lethargic and didn't eat normally for a few days after coming home, but now everything is back to normal - except that Devo has to sleep with us all night, every night.

Before the 'incident', he would lay on our bed for a few minutes when we went to sleep and then maybe for an hour or two in the mornings (longer on weekends). Now he climbs into the bed when we go to sleep and doesn't get out until we do. I think he has PTSD.

P.S. I know Cesar would have a lot to say about my recent Devo posts, but I think Cesar is stupid.


b said...

Why does he always sleep on my side of the bed? You take up less room, shouldn't he choose your side?

Kay said...

I can't believe that Devo ran away - silly Devo! He obviously missed you both very much and is happy to be back! What a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Cesar can stick it up his b-u-t-t where the s-u-n don't shine!

Guess who...

Anonymous said...

Um..that's my bed. I love Devo. I am a proud aunt. He is never EVER allowed to get lost again. That really sucked.