29 October 2007

OK, I Admit It

I'm a little chilly today.

I haven't turned my fan on at work, but don't expect me to wear close-toed shoes or a coat until Thursday. That's also the day I'm going to cave and turn my furnace on.


Iris Took said...

It is that time of year though, where the office gets really hot when it gets chilly out.

For example: Frost on my windshield today = STUFFY UNBEARABLE HOTNESS in the office. Sigh.

wrestling kitties said...

This weekend we were all under blankets at home in the evening and currently I am in my house and freezing! I need to layer it up a bit!

I agree, I don't like having the heat on before November...besides, it JUST cooled down...I am not ready for winter I still want fall! I am holding out as long as possible :-)

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

What's supposed to be happening on Thursday?

A. said...

Nov. 1. I know it's just a date, but I've always decided November was when it got cold.