03 October 2007

Move Over, La Rosa's

I've blogged before about my quest for the perfect pizza and how I thought it was La Rosa's. But, I was introduced to a new contender Friday - another Cincinnati favorite, Dewey's.

I was a little upset when W. suggested we go to Dewey's instead of La Rosa's Friday. After all, La Rosa's is the only reason I go to Cincinnati*. But, a few bites into my first slice and W. was forgiven.

They have some creative items on their menu (including a Billy Goat pizza and a salad with candied walnuts and grapes), but I was impressed with the simple pepperoni pizza. Give it a try next time you're in town.

* Just kidding. Sheesh.


Kay said...

Dewey's Pizza is also the best when cooked by your brother! :)

M said...

Yummm, pizza...